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Workplace frustrations could be harming your productivity

  • Are you burned out and over extended in your management roles?
  • Do you find it difficult being the communication bridge between upper management and the teams you lead?
  • Do you wonder if you have the right people in the right roles?
  • Is the "one size fits all" approach to employee development limiting your team's success?
  • Is team friction hindering productivity and morale?

Don't settle for low engagement

Invest in yourself and your team with proven, research-based methods. Increase Your Impact can help by giving you the right tools to resolve frictiongenerate partnership cohesionraise morale, and develop your teams for success. You'll find yourself more engagedproficiently hitting goals, and communicating with confidence and clarity.

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It's a balancing act fostering the vision of a company while also developing the employees that walk that vision out. We have successfully helped companies, organizations, partners, and individuals discover their best avenues for success.

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At Increase Your Impact we know that you're the kind of manager who wants to lead successful teams in both revenue and purpose. In order to do that, you need the tools to invest in the continual development of your team members and give you strategy that leads them into success and purpose. The rut that many managers fall into is a "one size fits all" method of employee development. This makes employees feel like faceless workers that are a means to an end and you, as the manager, feel like you're hitting your head against a wall in your attempts to motivate them. According to Gallup research only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged in the workplace. The good news is, their research has also found that managers are the most effective key to unlocking employee engagement. This is exactly why Increase Your Impact exist! Getting started is easy. Just schedule a consultation, we'll create a custom plan of action, and then the coaching begins. Give us a call, so you can stop feeling like you're only putting out fires and begin watching your teams and company flourish.


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Colie Hanson

Productivity Coach

For the last 15 years Colie has invested in the development of others and in the discovery of what it takes to be a leader in any field. She has dedicated her life to breaking the mold of employee development. With a degree in Christian counseling, as a licensed minister, and a Gallup certified Strengths coach she has worked with young children, teens, college students, families, volunteers, and employees of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She spent a decade working with a company to establish their in-house e-commerce process and defining many roles within that process. She's worked in accounts payable, as an executive assistant, and coordinator for both nonprofit and for-profit companies. The principles that Increase Your Impact are built on have held true in every field of work, and she looks forward to helping you implement these proven methods within your company.

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