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Personal & Family Coaching

Developing Individuals. Unifying Families. Accomplishing Goals.

Personal frustrations can limit your success & relationships

  • Are you feeling stuck and frustrated in your attempts to accomplish your goals?
  • Do you struggle with establishing healthy relationship boundaries?
  • Is family friction keeping you from wanting to be at home?
  • Has a difficult season in life caused you to question who you are and what you're good at?
  • Do you wonder what you bring to the table at home, work, or in friendship?
  • Are you burned out and over extended?

Don't settle for good enough

Increase Your Impact can give you the right tools to grow as an individual and to nurture meaningful relationships. You'll find yourself more engaged, motivated, and inspired as you begin reaching your goals. You’ll learn to resolve friction and create unity as you communicate with confidence and clarity.

Happy Childhood

Life can be hectic, with the need to balance family, personal growth, and the demands of daily living. Our tools not only help you understand yourself and those around you but also guide you in the best ways to manage it all. We call this level of flourishing, "Living from your strengths zone."

Schedule Call

Let us get to know you and how we can partner together for your success

Customized Plan

Together we'll create a customized plan to accomplish your personal and family goals

Personal Coaching

We will coach you and equip you with the necessary tools to understand yourself and reach your goals

Family Coaching

We will coach your family and equip you with the necessary tools for unity and success

"Colie is an amazing coach! When we first started meeting she made her goal to get to know me. My strengths, weaknesses, and life goals both short term and long term. Colie did an amazing job helping me see my strengths and how I could leverage them to better pursue my goals and how to better live them. I would recommend her to my best friend and my closest family member!"



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For nearly 20 years Colie has invested in the development of others and in the discovery of what it takes to be a leader in any field. She has dedicated her life to breaking the mold of personal development. With a degree in Christian counseling, as a licensed minister and Gallup certified Strengths coach, she brings a unique perspective to development. Colie has coached a diverse range of cliental, including teenagers, college students, families, volunteers, and employees in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She uses a proven strengths-based approach that increase one's impact. 

Colie Hanson
Personal & Professional Coach
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