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"We recently contracted with Colie and Increase Your Impact for a certified strengths overview for our chamber leadership class.

Even though these different business leaders were meeting for the first time, she facilitated an engaging conversation that allowed the group to create lasting connections. She delivered content in a very individualized manner that allowed participants to really engage. Their team was extremely professional, communicative, and great to work with. We highly recommend Increase Your Impact and hope to use them again in the future."

Feel free to use this or clean it up if you'd like. We had the best time working with you and would love to work with you again. We have no problem recommending you for service anytime. It was truly a pleasure working with you."


President & CEO

Mount Pleasant-Titus County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center

"As Colie shared insight into our team, I saw her dedication to bringing well-rounded, comprehensible descriptions to equip our group with the strengths that are already within themselves. As we discussed them together, it helped us see the unique strengths mix in each member. It also brought insight into how they incredibly, uniquely work together to bring awareness to what our group as a whole is equipped to do, but also gaining deeper understanding as to how our team works and thrives in our strengths. This has sprinkled into further conversations as we are more are of unique strengths."


Homeschool Collective Founder

"Colie has not only helped me understand my strengths on a deeper level, but she has helped my entire leadership team understand their strengths and those of their teammates.

As a leader, her in-depth knowledge of strengths has been very beneficial to me. The reports she has put together for our team where she explains the way everyone is wired and what makes them tick is a great asset to us. The team is stronger when we have a working knowledge of our strengths. I am ever appreciative of her passion for Strengths Finder."



"Colie has taught me how to properly handle confrontation, which not only helped my relationship with my parents, but has also aided me in becoming a better communicator. I have felt much more equipped as a leader because of the people skills that Colie helped me develop."


"The strengths assessment Colie prepared for me was incredibly impactful and encouraging. The way that Colie presented my evaluation with so much thought, care and precision was astounding!

She was extremely insightful and worked with me to understand my strengths and the ways I can use them to positively impact my relationships. It was refreshing to have parts of my personality

I may have once seen as weaknesses presented positively and acknowledged. She revealed something I didn't even know I was looking for and it has become an invaluable part of my life.

In a very short amount of time she helped me to feel seen, heard and assisted me to use and build upon the tools I already possess to keep moving forward.

Now that I understand my top strengths and how they can all work together I look for opportunities to utilize them and know that I feel my best when I do so.

Colie's perceptive insight, guidance and compassion was imperative in this process and I am so grateful for the experience."


"Colie is an amazing life coach! When we first started meeting she made her goal to get to know me. My strengths, weaknesses, and life goals both short term and long term. Colie did an amazing job helping me see my strengths and how I could leverage them to better pursue my goals as well as my weaknesses and how to better live them. I would recommend her to my best friend and my closest family member!"


"So very grateful for the way the Lord has weaved Colie into the lives of our children

We first called on Colie with our eldest son, who was really struggling with some mental health issuer life's circumstances and was like a boat adrift on the sea.

Colie's ability to bring to light his God-given strengths and coach him on how to best use his strengths in his work, relationships and pursuits was a game changer for our son. The time our son spent with Colie was one of the wisest investments we made.

Our eldest daughter was struggling with thoughts of suicide. Colie's ability to come alongside her and highlight her strengths while speaking life-giving words over her was like a springboard that launched her through some turbulent teenage years. The time she spent with Colie was a turning point in her life. She is well grounded and the most on fire, passionate lover of Jesus in our family.

When our youngest daughter was in her early teens, she faced some challenging issues at school. Typical teenage issues of jealousy, backbiting, lack of communication etc., we're causing a lot of strife in their relationships.

Colie helped our daughter navigate those relationships through the lens of her God-given strengths and weaknesses. Our daughter began to recognize what she brought to the table that was both healthy and unhealthy. She developed a newfound confidence in her God-given strengths and learned tools to better navigate relationships in a healthy way. Praise God, shell be able to carry these healthy tools to navigate relationships for the rest of her life.

Finally, our younger son... it was all about timing for him. After he completed his training at Vo Tech and stepped into his career 1000 miles away from home, he found himself in a very demeaning, humiliating and oppressive situation with his coworkers.

God used Colie powerfully in this dark time. Her coaching was a lifeline for our son. Although he had taken the CliftonStrengths test and applied them to his life in a general way. he didn't really see the power of understanding these strengths until he was in a situation where he was ostracized and alone. We are so thankful for Colie's ability to help him navigate his emotions through this fiery trial.

Colie has been a Godsend! What a marvelous gift the Lord has given her that allows her to bring to light the gifts God has wired into our very being and at the same time help us see our weaknesses.

She has helped my children navigate their lives to the glory of the lord through the lens of their God-given abilities. Her ability to come alongside our children at critical points in their lives has been a game changer for us all!"


"Colie's training has opened my mind, not just to understand my strengths further and deeper, but in a comprehensible way. I've found that in discussion with her, she was able to take my mindset and understanding, and pick me up and move me forward. I find that she does this through conversation and seeking to equip me not just with vision for my strengths, but with understanding of how they work, and work together, as well as with those around me. The seeds planted of wisdom and understanding of Gallup's Strengths resonate in me for a long time after as I continue to explore and catch glimpses of what she has imparted to me in day to day life now with that insight."


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